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Thursday 4th Feb 2021

We continue to work from Home in this our 3rd lockdown where we are still forced to close our door to our customers. There is a limited service from home via our normal office phone and email service. Please be patient as we struggle on If you are still awaiting a refund from our escorted tours please be patient as these will be sorted once we can reopen

Monday 4th January

From Today we have to close our office doors to the public once again, sorry for any inconvenience and please bear with us in these difficult times as we struggle to work with limited resources.

Refunds From US Airtours

if you are still waiting for a refund from US Airtours they say the will be refunding according to their refund policy as published on their website. Sorry there is not a lot more I can do in the way of pressure to reclaim what is rightfully yours. UI can say however that the credit notes issued have the financial support and backing of ABTA and CAA bonding so if they ceased to trade you are guaranteed to get a your money back.

Refunds From IFOnly

If Only refunds have been coming through albeit very slowly if your are on of the few left they have informed us that you can refund your credit note on 31st March 2021. Once agin these credit notes have the backing of both ABTA and the CAA so if If Only ceases trading your money will be refunded.
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Friday 6th April 2012

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Thursday 8th March


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Sunday 1st January


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